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Pastel Flowers Cream Pitcher // $17

Photographed by Chiara Predebon for REVS



Alright RWBY fans. This here is my own Tumblr-based petition. The premise is simple:

If this post gets 10,000 notes by April 30, 2015, I will cosplay as Jaune in a dress from Vol. 2 at RTX.

Here is my face tag for you guys to decide if I look enough like Jaune to make it work.

It’s a shame this only has 1/4 of the notes it needs.



Alright buckle down boys I just made a groundbreaking discovery that you won’t want to miss.
Alright at the end of this gif (credit to thesoulofadragon) Snotlout whipes his nose. He’s probably got the sniffles or something, right?
Now here’s where shit gets real. Do y’all know what a Lout is? According to, it’s someone who isn’t very intelligent, is a little awkward-like with Astrid, "You look like you work out"; "Not that there’s anything wrong with a dragonesque figure"- Is ill-mannered, and an oaf.
So are you ready for this?
Snotlout literally is a big Lout who is whiping Snot off himself
Dreamworks made a pun of his name and we didn’t even know it

Haha yeah =) but first of all Dreamworks didn’t made up the name, it was the author, Cressida Cowell.